Inside the April 2019 Issue

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Inside the December 2018 Issue

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Stepfamily Struggles: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Stepfamily Struggles“My Husband Hates My Child!”
10 Steps to Bridging the Gap Between Them

Some situations are so serious that they require immediate attention. The following scenario is a perfect example.

“Laura, my husband hates my son,” Stepmom Megan lamented. “And I’m not exaggerating.”

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Expecting Stepmoms: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Expecting StepmomsStepmom’s Having a Baby!
What to Expect When You’re Expecting

One line, two lines … positive! You’re having a baby!

I vividly remember looking at that pregnancy test strip and erupting into shocked, nervous, excited giggles. I went straight to a kids’ clothing store and bought a tiny white onesie with the word “Petite” inscribed on it. I wrapped the pregnancy test in the onesie, placed them both in a gift bag and impatiently waited for him to come home from work. Continue reading “Expecting Stepmoms: Inside the August 2018 Issue”

Adult Stepchildren: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Adult StepchildrenAdult Stepchildren
The Good, the Bad and the Surprising

The stepkids are finally out of the house! No more arguments or confrontations with the ex. No more custody battles. No more last-minute schedule changes. No more stepfamily drama. We can finally move on with our lives and focus on our relationships. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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Are Stepmoms Family? Inside the July 2018 Issue

Dads Wife“Dad’s Wife” The Real Reasons Stepkids Don’t Consider Us Family By Brenda Snyder, LCSW

Parents are parents. Grandparents are grandparents. So decreed my stepson, during the height of his wedding planning (circa 2009). A seemingly innocuous statement, I knew that he was ensuring that I would be recognized only as his “dad’s wife” and that my mother would not be given a corsage. I was 13 years into this stepfamily and, thus, had a pretty thick skin by that time.

Still, what is it about this stepkid relationship that makes it impossible for them to recognize us stepmoms as part of their families? In my experience, there are at least five reasons they fail to bring us into the fold. Continue reading “Are Stepmoms Family? Inside the July 2018 Issue”

Inside the March 2018 Issue

StepMom March 2018 CoverThe March 2018 issue is HERE! This month’s issue is full of helpful advice and information to make your job as a stepmom easier, including:

→ Advice from ‘Stepmonster’ author, Wednesday Martin, PhD
→ A guide to understanding personality disorders
→ Strategies for becoming more assertive
→ Communication tips for you and your partner
→ 6 Ways to support a special needs stepchild
→ Tips to shift your outlook from powerless to peaceful
→ And much more!

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Interview with Wednesday Martin, PhD: Inside the March 2018 Issue

Wednesday Martin StepmonsterStruggling With the “Stepmonster” in You?
Insight and Advice from Wednesday Martin, PhD

Social Researcher, Author and Cultural Critic “at large, in high heels,” Wednesday Martin, PhD, tugged at the roots of the stepfamily tree with the 2009 release of her book “Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel and Act the Way We Do.” A Books for a Better Life Award finalist, the title continues to be a must-read. Continue reading “Interview with Wednesday Martin, PhD: Inside the March 2018 Issue”

Estranged Stepkids: Inside the March 2018 Issue

Estranged StepkidsAre Your Stepkids Strangers to You?
The Impact of Estrangement on Stepfamilies and First Families

I recently spoke with Jennifer, who’s a stepmom with two grown stepdaughters.

“I don’t understand,” Jennifer said. “We call them. We leave messages. They never return our calls. Plus, I have a feeling they’re withholding our grandkids from us. We don’t seem to be able to visit with them. I know the girls were upset that their parents divorced but that was years ago.” Continue reading “Estranged Stepkids: Inside the March 2018 Issue”

Transform Your Stepfamily: Inside the January 2018 Issue

Transform Your StepfamilyTransform Your Stepfamily: 4 Keys to Create Lasting Success and a Life You Love! BY CHRISTINA ROACH, LMHC

Ringing in a New Year, for most, is full of resolutions and commitments to make the next 12 months better than the prior ones. Unfortunately the excitement that surrounds these aspirations quickly fades, as the realities of day-to-day life take hold and the newness wanes.

What if you applied that effort, instead, toward transforming your stepfamily culture? Continue reading “Transform Your Stepfamily: Inside the January 2018 Issue”