Inside the March 2017 Issue

StepMom Magazine March 2017 Issue

The March 2017 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

This month we’re talking about:

→ His “crazy ex” and why she acts that way
→ The 6 mistakes almost every stepmom makes
→ How to recognize the signs of Parental Alienation
→ Why all stepcouples need a grownup vacation (and how to get one)
→ What to do if not being his “first” really bugs you
→ Why stepdads really do have it easier
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Not Being His First: Special Report with Jayne Nicoletti

Not sharing certain milestone events with your partner—like marriage and parenthood—can hurt. Jayne Nicoletti, asks stepmoms: How do you handle your feelings on not being his first? Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments below!


WANT MORE ON THIS TOPIC? Don’t miss “Stepmoms Cutting in Line: Is It Possible to Get Over Not Being His First?” by Christina Roach, LMHC, coming next month in the March 2017 issue.


Inside the February 2017 Issue

StepMom Magazine February 2017 Cover
The February 2017 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

→ Advice for stepmoms who feel shunned by their stepkids
→ Tips for dealing with the ebb and flow of stepfamily life
→ How to keep the passion alive in your relationship
→ Creative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day
→ How shifting your perspective can make you happier
→ What it’s like when child support ends
→ And much more!
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Inside the January 2017 Issue

Stepmom January 2017
The January 2017 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

→ Why Stepcouples Must Present a United Front
→ 4 Rules for Ditching Anger and Negativity
→ Protecting Your Assets During Your Stepkids’ Teen Years
→ Teaching Your Stepkids to Respect Personal Boundaries
→ 6 Ways to Combat Loneliness in Stepfamily Land
→ 10 Tips to Make 2017 a Banner Year
→ And much more!
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Inside the December 2016 Issue

StepMom Magazine December 2016

The December 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

→ The Year’s Best Expert Stepmom Tips & Advice
→ Learn How to Help Your Partner Be a Better Dad
→ What You Need to Know About (Step)Family Traditions
→ Power Posing: Body Language Techniques for Stepmoms
→ When The Kids Aren’t Coming Home for the Holidays
→ Why You Can Stop Trying to Make Things “Fair” for The Kids
→ And much more!
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Stepfamily Traditions: Inside the December 2016 Issue

Stepfamily TraditionsBring on the Holidays, Stepmom! Ways to Thrive as Your Family Merges Its Traditions by Brenda Snyder, LCSW

Whether you welcome the cooling temperatures or dread them, the change of seasons signals the time period most fraught with emotion by many stepmoms—the holidays.

Stepmoms new to their families might be filled with expectation and excitement while stepmoms with painful holiday memories might meet the festivities with dread and despair. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, insight and planning ahead can give you the best chance of a time filled with celebration and good will. Continue reading “Stepfamily Traditions: Inside the December 2016 Issue”

Stepmoms and Widowers: In the September 2016 Issue

Stepmoms and WidowersMarried to a Widower: Valuable Advice From Stepmoms Who’ve Been There by Claudette Chenevert

Stepfamilies are not created equally. We know this from reading one another’s forum posts, seeking out blogs and listening to one another’s stories. The challenges we face are as complex as our families themselves.

One type of stepfamily dynamic we don’t seem to talk or hear enough about is being married to a former widower. According to The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, which is a ranking of events and their impact on our ability to readjust socially, the death of a spouse holds the No. 1 spot as a stressor in people’s lives. Continue reading “Stepmoms and Widowers: In the September 2016 Issue”

Inside the August 2016 Issue of StepMom Magazine

Stepmom August 2016 Issue
The August 2016 Issue

The August 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

This month you’ll receive:

→ Advice for stepmoms who don’t like being disliked
→ Help for those times when you feel invisible and left out
→ Tips to ease the stress of being a 24/7 custodial stepmom
→ A guide to forgiving others (even if it’s not deserved!)
→ Information on why stepmom stereotypes still exist
→ And much more!

Here’s what else you’ll find inside:

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Stepmom Help: Inside the August 2016 Issue

Stepmom Help
Inside the August 2016 Issue

Sticks and Stones: A Stepmother’s Guide to Being Disliked by Wednesday Martin, PhD

No matter what I did, they didn’t like me. His kids didn’t like me. And his ex hated me. I turned myself inside out trying to please the kids. They still hated every cookie I baked, every meal I cooked. Some days it felt like they hated me for breathing. Meanwhile, I bent over backwards to show his ex I was a good and kind person she could trust with her children. Continue reading “Stepmom Help: Inside the August 2016 Issue”

Stepfamily Events: Inside the July 2016 Issue

Stepfamily Events
The July 2016 Issue

Step Aside, Stepmom: Sharing the Spotlight With Their Mom by Claudette Chenevert

During the cycle of life, we encounter many major milestones that transform our families. They force us to interact with people we may not be excited to stand alongside, including mom. Stepmoms sometimes dread the most significant milestone moments, in which the occasion is inevitably shared with their stepkids’ biological moms: graduations, weddings and babies. Continue reading “Stepfamily Events: Inside the July 2016 Issue”