Inside the July 2018 Issue

StepMom July 2018The July 2018 issue is HERE!

This month we’re talking about:
→ Codependency
→ Interfering In-laws
→ Prenup Agreements
→ Feeling Like an Outsider
→ Being Childless by Choice
→ Advice for Stepmoms Who Overthink
→ Why Stepkids Don’t Consider us Family
→ Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Relationship
→ And much more!

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Feel Like an Outsider, Stepmom? Inside the July 2018 Issue

Feeling Like an OutsiderOutsideritis: And the Woman With Stepkids By Wednesday Martin, PhD

Do you ever feel like you’re living on the periphery of your own stepfamily and peering in? You’re not alone. Here’s why you have a case of Outsideritis and what to do about it.

When Talia (not her real name) came to a support group for couples with stepkids in New York City recently, she was, in her own words “at the end of my rope.” A laundry list of dissatisfactions tumbled out in rapid-fire succession: Continue reading “Feel Like an Outsider, Stepmom? Inside the July 2018 Issue”

Childfree by Choice: Inside the July 2018 Issue

Childfree by ChoiceChildfree by Choice: Research Proves You Should Ignore Your Critics By Christine G. Adamo

I was recently privy to a convo between two women with similar yet different childfree experiences. Both were childless-by-choice, never wanting kids of their own. While Claire had longed to foster or adopt, both of her ex-husbands balked at that option. They were bent on biological—or nothing at all—hence their ex-ness.

“It seems egotistical to me,” Claire said. “What’s so special about having kids of your own? I don’t get it and I can have kids. I come from a long line of fertile women.” Continue reading “Childfree by Choice: Inside the July 2018 Issue”

The Codependent Stepmom: Inside the July 2018 Issue

Codependent StepmomThe Codependent Stepmom: Do You Give to Others At Your Own Expense? By Mary T. Kelly, MA

You joined a ready-made family and were on a mission. You were determined to make a difference, whether fueled by good intentions, a desire to compete with his ex or a combination of both. Those kids needed some guidance and discipline, which they weren’t receiving from their own parents, and you were more than happy to pitch in.

Even if you had hesitations about jumping into a role you didn’t know much about, your partner expected you to be involved—and so did everyone else. You were a good and loving person and this was the right thing to do. Continue reading “The Codependent Stepmom: Inside the July 2018 Issue”

Are Stepmoms Family? Inside the July 2018 Issue

Dads Wife“Dad’s Wife” The Real Reasons Stepkids Don’t Consider Us Family By Brenda Snyder, LCSW

Parents are parents. Grandparents are grandparents. So decreed my stepson, during the height of his wedding planning (circa 2009). A seemingly innocuous statement, I knew that he was ensuring that I would be recognized only as his “dad’s wife” and that my mother would not be given a corsage. I was 13 years into this stepfamily and, thus, had a pretty thick skin by that time.

Still, what is it about this stepkid relationship that makes it impossible for them to recognize us stepmoms as part of their families? In my experience, there are at least five reasons they fail to bring us into the fold. Continue reading “Are Stepmoms Family? Inside the July 2018 Issue”

Inside the June 2018 Issue

StepMom Cover June 2018

The June 2018 issue is HERE!

This month’s Father’s Day Special Edition is designed specifically for couples to read—together!

The articles this month will help you and your partner team up to tackle a variety of topics divorced dads, re-partnered dads and stepdads struggle with most often. Stepmoms worldwide tell us they look forward to this annual edition because it’s a great conversation starter!

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Inside the April 2018 Issue

StepMom April 2018The April 2018 issue is HERE! This super-sized edition features 51 information-packed pages on topics including:

→ Advice for coping with infertility
→ Parental Alienation help from Amy J.L. Baker, PhD
→ How to deal with second wife syndrome and ex-wife drama
→ Guidelines for full-time stepmoms on guarding your heart
→ Strategies for getting kids to help with household chores
→ Help navigating your relationship with your mother-in-law
→ And much more!

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Inside the March 2018 Issue

StepMom March 2018 CoverThe March 2018 issue is HERE! This month’s issue is full of helpful advice and information to make your job as a stepmom easier, including:

→ Advice from ‘Stepmonster’ author, Wednesday Martin, PhD
→ A guide to understanding personality disorders
→ Strategies for becoming more assertive
→ Communication tips for you and your partner
→ 6 Ways to support a special needs stepchild
→ Tips to shift your outlook from powerless to peaceful
→ And much more!

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Inside the February 2018 Issue

StepMom Magazine February 2018The February 2018 issue is HERE! It’s jam-packed with expert tips, tools and advice plus personal essays from stepmoms just like you:

→ 5 Things Happy Stepmoms Do Every Day
→ Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Throwing in the Towel
→ 6 Tips for When You Feel Ignored or Rejected
→ A Guide to Self-Love (and how it can make your life EASIER!)
→ Strategies for Stepmoms Who Want to Disengage
→ Advice from Ron L. Deal (“The Smart Stepfamily Marriage”)
→ And much more!

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Inside the January 2018 Issue

StepMom Magazine January 2018The January issue is HERE! These are the hot topics stepmoms (like you!) are talking about this month:

→ 4 Keys to create lasting stepfamily success
→ Your guide to setting healthy boundaries
→ Advice from a veteran stepmom (she’s also a therapist!)
→ Tips for letting go of what you can’t control
→ Self-care for the New Year in 7 simple steps
→ 4 habits of happy stepcouples
→ And more!

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