Inside the April 2022 Issue

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Inside the January 2022 Issue

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Inside the December 2021 Issue

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Inside the October 2021 Issue

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Inside the August 2018 Issue

Stepmom CoverThe August 2018 issue is HERE!

This month we’re talking about:
* Expecting Stepmoms
* Protecting Your Privacy
* Surviving the Teen Years
* Co-Parenting With the Ex
* Stepmom Support Groups
* Dealing with Adult Stepchildren
* Social Media and Your Stepkids’ Mom
* Awkward Stepmom Moments
→ And much more!

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Expecting Stepmoms: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Expecting StepmomsStepmom’s Having a Baby!
What to Expect When You’re Expecting

One line, two lines … positive! You’re having a baby!

I vividly remember looking at that pregnancy test strip and erupting into shocked, nervous, excited giggles. I went straight to a kids’ clothing store and bought a tiny white onesie with the word “Petite” inscribed on it. I wrapped the pregnancy test in the onesie, placed them both in a gift bag and impatiently waited for him to come home from work. Continue reading “Expecting Stepmoms: Inside the August 2018 Issue”

Stepmoms and Infertility: Inside the April 2018 Issue

Childless StepmomThe Childless Stepmom
6 Ways to Cope With Infertility

How many times have you been asked, “Do you have any children?” For as many times as I’ve been asked (hint: a lot), I still feel uncomfortable each and every time. My heart drops to my belly and I feel a lump in my throat. I then explain that I have a 17-year-old stepson who lives with us full-time.

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Stepmoms and Motherhood: Inside the May 2017 Issue

Stepmoms and MotherhoodLessons in Motherhood: 4 Ways Being a Stepmom Made Me A Better Mom by Melissa D. Day, MS

A year and a half ago my husband and I welcomed an ours baby into our family. My adjustment to motherhood has been anything but seamless. For a decade we have balanced raising my four stepdaughters with my own graduate studies in sociology, my unpredictable college teaching career and my husband’s out-of-state job.

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Not Being His First: Special Report with Jayne Nicoletti

Not sharing certain milestone events with your partner—like marriage and parenthood—can hurt. Jayne Nicoletti, asks stepmoms: How do you handle your feelings on not being his first? Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments below!


WANT MORE ON THIS TOPIC? Don’t miss “Stepmoms Cutting in Line: Is It Possible to Get Over Not Being His First?” by Christina Roach, LMHC, inside the March 2017 issue.


Inside the July 2016 Issue of StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine July 2016
The July 2016 Issue

The July 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

In this month’s issue we explore:
→ Why stepkids take their anger out on YOU
→ Stepmom grief and how to cope with the sacrifices we make
→ What to do when your stepchild’s mom tries to upstage you
→ Tips to help you cope with summer schedule changes
→ The art of stepping back & taking charge of your life!

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