Stepfamily Struggles: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Stepfamily Struggles“My Husband Hates My Child!”
10 Steps to Bridging the Gap Between Them

Some situations are so serious that they require immediate attention. The following scenario is a perfect example.

“Laura, my husband hates my son,” Stepmom Megan lamented. “And I’m not exaggerating.”

“It’s so obvious that even our friends and family notice.

My spouse denies it and says I’m too easy on my son; that I’m raising a ‘mama’s boy.’ But the tension and anger are real. My child becomes so nervous and fearful when my husband enters the room that it’s palpable.”

“My husband blames my son anytime the kids begin to fight. He views my son as the culprit of every situation, even when the evidence reveals that it’s his kids who started things. The saddest part is that my son knows my husband can’t stand him. What do I do?”

No child should be raised in a home where an adult is obviously antagonistic and nasty toward him or her. As the child’s parent, it is your job to do something about it. Stepparents often view their stepchildren through a different lens. It can be a good thing, giving a fresh and objective perspective on the situation for the benefit of the biological parent.

It can be a bad thing, too, since stepparents are unlikely to have the same bond and/or level of compassion a parent usually has with the child. Regardless of the reasons behind any tension your children and partner experience when they’re together, it’s crucial that you address the situation immediately.

What follows is a progression of steps I recommend taking, in an effort to bridge the gap between your kids and the partner you love. …To read the rest of this article, log in and download the August 2018 issue. Don’t have an account? Click here to subscribe.


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