Stepfamily Life – Inside the April 2016 Issue

Stepfamily Life
Inside the April 2016 Issue

The Truth About Stepfamily Life: The Path to Peace Begins With Acceptance by Brenda Snyder LCSW

My job, as a writer and a stepmom coach, allows me to wear a few different hats. Most of the time I get to be an upbeat, cheerleadery type who encourages and assures clients that, “This is really hard, but you can do it!”

When we get down to work, I put on my coaching hat to help stepmoms and couples develop a new game plan. (Ya gotta have a strong defense!) The hat I find hardest to wear, however, is probably the most effective. It’s the one I wear when I challenge stepmoms to face unpleasant truths and then give them unpopular advice. Continue reading “Stepfamily Life – Inside the April 2016 Issue”

Inside the February 2016 Issue of Stepmom Magazine

Stepmom Magazine February 2016
The February 2016 Issue

The February 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

In this month’s edition, we address lots of different sources of struggle and frustration.

Are you having trouble making time for sex? Read Wednesday Martin’s tips for “Getting It On!” (p. 11). Got a mini-wife in your midst? Mary Kelly helps you remedy that situation on p. 16. Think you “should” have mastered this gig already? Christina Roach sets you straight on p. 32. Rachelle Katz even weighs in—on thorny Valentine’s surprises (p. 5).

Most importantly, The February 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine offers advice on how to work together with your partner to keep your relationship strong for the long haul!

Continue reading “Inside the February 2016 Issue of Stepmom Magazine”

Teenage Stepchildren – Inside the January 2016 Issue

teenage stepchildren
Inside the January 2016 Issue

Stepfamily Growing Pains – Tips on Handling Teens Who Don’t (or Won’t!) Come Around Anymore by Mary T. Kelly, MA

Have you and your partner heard these words from a defiant teenager who no longer wants to go back and forth between two homes and only wants to live with his mom? “I don’t want to live here anymore!” If so, the two of you are not alone.

Let’s be honest here. If you have stepkids who are difficult teenagers, for you this may be a blessing in disguise. But for your partner—their father—it’s devastating.  It’s tough enough for your partner to only have custody of his kids part-time. Finding out he has a kid who has no desire to live with him is like a punch in the gut. Continue reading “Teenage Stepchildren – Inside the January 2016 Issue”

Feeling Like an Outsider – Inside the December 2015 Issue

Feeling Like an Outsider
Inside the December 2015 Issue

Stepmoms Home Alone: Avoid Feeling Like an Outsider This Holiday Season by Mary T. Kelly, MA

Do you remember the movie “Home Alone,” in which the harried parents of several children leave one of them behind while rushing out to catch a plane for a Christmas holiday trip?

The 8-year-old kid who’s left behind, Kevin (memorably portrayed by Macaulay Culkin), is stunned to find out he’s home alone. But he ends up being quite resourceful, avoiding unwanted intruders who were initially after the family goods and then shifted their focus to doing him harm just to get even with him.

You may be able to relate to that forgotten kid. You anticipate the holidays with dread, Continue reading “Feeling Like an Outsider – Inside the December 2015 Issue”

Stepmom Gifts – Inside the December 2015 Issue

stepmom gifts
Inside the December 2015 Issue

The Best Gifts You Can Give A Stepmom: Advice for Friends and Family by Claudette Chenevert

The holiday season is a time when we often feel more giving, generous and helpful toward others. We’re in the mood to share of ourselves and our thoughts, but sometimes the gifts we give and receive may not be what a person wants—or needs—most.

If there’s a stepmom on your holiday shopping list, this article is for you. It presents several ways you and others can give her the best gifts of all because if there is one area of life in which we all get bombarded with advice, it’s parenting. Continue reading “Stepmom Gifts – Inside the December 2015 Issue”

Gratitude for Stepmoms – Inside the November 2015 Issue

stepmom gratitude
Inside the November 2015 Issue

Gratitude for Stepmoms: The Benefits of Being Thankful Every Day by Trisha Ladogna

It’s that time of year—Thanksgiving— when we gather for a family holiday that compels those in the U.S. to count their blessings and give thanks—in addition, of course, to watching football, cooking and eating.

Taking a day out each year (with your loved ones) to reflect on what you are thankful for is a beautiful tradition worth celebration. But once a year just doesn’t seem to be enough, and, for those of us who have chosen to be stepmothers, it probably isn’t. Continue reading “Gratitude for Stepmoms – Inside the November 2015 Issue”

Why Stepdads Have It Easier – Inside the September 2015 Issue

Stepparenting Together
Inside the Sept. 2015 Issue

Stepparenting Together? How Stepmoms’ and Stepdads’ Experiences Differ by Trisha Ladogna

Have you ever wondered if stepdads have it easier?

Becoming a stepmother after spending time as a single parent means parenting like you have never experienced it before. You have the unique experience of beginning your stepparenting journey at the very same time, in the very same place, as your partner.

While this can open up some fantastic opportunities for shared understanding, insight and support (in your couple relationship), it also brings with it a unique set of challenges found only when there are two stepparents residing in the same home. Continue reading “Why Stepdads Have It Easier – Inside the September 2015 Issue”

Confessions of a Full-Time Stepmom – In the August 2015 Issue

Full Time Stepmom
Inside the August 2015 Issue

Confessions of a Full-Time Stepmom: 4 Truths About This 24/7 Gig by Heather Hetchler, MA

I glanced at the clock. The reflected time stopped me cold. My heart began to race. My stomach started turning. My breath grew shallow. They were all automatic responses to what was estimated to occur in less than three hours: my stepdaughters’ return from two weeks at their grandparents’ home.

Feeling terrible about my physical reaction, I texted two friends and asked them to pray for me.

As a full-time stepmom of two and a co-parenting mom of four, there are only two weeks each year in which my stepdaughters are not with us. I look forward to these two weeks. Continue reading “Confessions of a Full-Time Stepmom – In the August 2015 Issue”

How To Find A Good Stepfamily Therapist

Did you know that the wrong therapist can actually make your situation worse? It’s true! Watch this video for tips on how to find a qualified therapist to help you work through the most common stepfamily challenges.

Tell us what you think about this video. Have you ever worked with a therapist? Do you think it might help your stepfamily situation? Continue reading “How To Find A Good Stepfamily Therapist”

The Secrets Stepmoms Keep

For many women, being a stepmother is like having a dirty, little secret. Why don’t people talk about it? Brenda Ockun of StepMom Magazine explains why in this video: