4 thoughts on “The Secrets Stepmoms Keep”

  1. I love your video and your message. Stepmoms need to know they are not alone and reaching out is the first step in strengthening their family and their marriage, one STEP at a time.
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach

  2. As someone from within StepMom Magazine, I feel compelled to tell other women how sincere, genuine and on-point Brenda Ockun and her writers/support team are – likely b/c each of us has been affected by stepfamily dynamics in one way or another.

    More importantly, Brenda’s compassionate insight and inclusive let’s-give-ourselves-due-props-and-support-and-the-occasional-kick-in-the-butt-so-we-can-DO-this approach to helping readers and viewers deal with stepfamily situations ROCKS!!!

    And she really does sum it all up when she says: “You knew he had kids when you met him. We’ll help you with everything else you didn’t know.” I mean, how can you NOT love a woman like that? Brenda and SMM both get 5 Big Gold Stars from me!

  3. Being a stepmom is NOT a “dirty little secret”. Seriously, how offensive! I am a proud stepmom and have never had an issue letting people know that. We should all talk about it more and show others we are normal, loving people.

    1. Virginia,
      I absolutely agree with you! My bf has two children, and if we do get married down the road, I’d be PROUD to be a step-mom! I know I will never be their mother, but I know I could be a positive influence for them, and another person to care about them.
      I know it will not be easy, especially with older children/teens who have their own ideas and emotional hurts, but if I wasn’t up for the challenge, then I wouldn’t be in the relationship.
      I also have a step-grandma and a step-grandpa and they are such wonderful people. I do not care they are not my blood relatives, they have made a huge impact on my life. There is no “dirty little secret”…

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