Mini-Wife Syndrome: Inside the August 2017 Issue

Mini Wife SyndromeMini-Wife Syndrome A Guide for Stepmoms: Red Flags, Root Causes and Remedies by Brenda Snyder, LCSW

I have yet to meet a stepmother whose sense of identity has been unscathed by self-doubt and private, scary musings like: “Am I crazy?” or “Maybe I am evil!” The intensity of emotions previously not experienced by them leads to frantic searches for someone—anyone—who can validate her feelings as being reasonable and expected.

Yet, one of the most difficult insights a stepmother can have is to notice that she feels envious or even resentful of her stepdaughter’s place in her husband’s life. Continue reading “Mini-Wife Syndrome: Inside the August 2017 Issue”

Inside the April 2017 Issue

Stepmom Magazine April 2017

The April 2017 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

This month we’re talking about:

→ How to connect with your stepkids by speaking their “Love Language”
→ Tips for handling stepfamily events (like birthdays, graduations & weddings)
→ What you can do to overcome resentment and be happier!
→ Creative ways to get the kids excited about your wedding plans
→ How to navigate your stepchild’s loyalty binds
→ Creating new traditions for today’s stepfamilies
→ And more! Continue reading “Inside the April 2017 Issue”

Parentified Stepchildren: Inside the November 2016 Issue

Parentified StepchildrenThe Parentified Child: When Stepkids Are Forced to Grow Up Too Fast
by Brenda Snyder, LCSW

When an intact family system reorganizes by death or divorce, every family member makes adjustments to the new structure. Unfortunately for the children, the adults are often so steeped in their own emotional pain that they are oblivious— through no real fault of their own—to the unhealthy accommodations their kids wind up making. While this is certainly not optimal for the adults, it can be devastating to the emotional health of their children.

It can be quite common, in one-parent families, for a child to hear that he or she is now the man or woman of the house. Continue reading “Parentified Stepchildren: Inside the November 2016 Issue”

Inside the May 2016 Issue of StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine May 2016
The May 2016 Issue

The May 2016 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

The fact that you’re reading this proves how dedicated you
are to improving yourself, your relationships and your stepfamily. That makes you special. We hope you’ll read the articles in this month’s edition and take each word to heart. Here are some of the issues we address this month: Continue reading “Inside the May 2016 Issue of StepMom Magazine”

Stepmom Stepdaughter Communication – Inside the May 2016 Issue

Stepmom Stepdaughter Communication
Inside the May 2016 Issue

Stepmoms and Stepdaughters Connecting: Use Conversation to Bridge the Gap Between You by Claudette Chenevert

We read stories about the challenges between stepmoms and their stepdaugthers on social media, in private forums, in magazines and in books. Why is that? And we’re not just talking about their teenage years, although those often are the most challenging. I’m also talking about our ability—or inability—to have meaningful conversations with our adult stepdaughters.

There are times when, no matter how much you try, it feels as if you and she are speaking two different languages. Continue reading “Stepmom Stepdaughter Communication – Inside the May 2016 Issue”

Stepdaughter Issues – Inside the February 2016 Issue

Stepdaughter Issues
Inside the February 2016 Issue

Mini-Wives: A Stepmom’s Guide to Dealing With His Dominating Daughter by Mary T. Kelly, MA

Are you having stepdaughter issues?

PICTURE THIS: It’s your wedding day and you’re marrying the ideal man for you. Granted, he comes with a 6-year-old daughter—but you’ve known her for a while and you get along well. Your special day is going to be perfect!

Imagine your surprise when it’s time for the first dance and your brand spanking new husband reaches out for his daughter’s hand and leads her to the dance floor. You’re left standing there, as heat fills your cheeks and you attempt a feeble smile aimed at the guests, hoping that the pounding in your heart isn’t noticeable.

Yet, it only gets worse. Continue reading “Stepdaughter Issues – Inside the February 2016 Issue”