Not Being His First: Special Report with Jayne Nicoletti

Not sharing certain milestone events with your partner—like marriage and parenthood—can hurt. Jayne Nicoletti, asks stepmoms: How do you handle your feelings on not being his first? Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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The Passionate Stepmom: Inside the February 2017 Issue

Passionate StepmomThe Passionate Stepmom: Creating the Sex Life You Deserve by Liana Palmerio-McIvor, RP

As a sex therapist, I see many different people with a range of issues. Some feel a need for sexual intimacy and some don’t. Some think they aren’t having enough sex. And some aren’t satisfied with the sex they’re having. Most, however, believe that sexual intimacy is an important part of their relationships.

Personally and professionally, I believe sex is important. But, as a stepmom, I know there are challenges Continue reading “The Passionate Stepmom: Inside the February 2017 Issue”

Create a United Front: Inside the January 2017 Issue

Create a United FrontI’ve Got Your Back! Stepcouples Must Present A United Front—Here’s Why by Trevor Mullineaux, LMFT

Who comes first in your heart— your kids or your partner? In many stepfamilies, finding the right balance between, “My kids come first,” and, “My partner is my priority,” can be a daily struggle. The conflict it creates can chip away at a stepcouple’s emotional connection. In fact, this tension is one of the reasons many stepfamilies implode. Continue reading “Create a United Front: Inside the January 2017 Issue”