Inside the June 2022 Issue

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Inside the June 2021 Issue

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Inside the October 2018 Issue

StepMom Cover October 2018The October 2018 issue is HERE!
* What to do when you want to quit
* Why it’s normal to dread your stepkids’ visits
* The secret life of stepmom coaches and bloggers
* How to navigate your way through awkward conversations
* How to open the lines of communication with your stepkids
* A Stepmom’s Guide to Making Marriage Last: Part One
*What stepmoms who grew up in stepfamilies want YOU to know
* Why you shouldn’t blame yourself for your stepfamily’s troubles
→ And much more!

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A Stepmom’s Guide to Marriage: Inside the October 2018 Issue

Stepmoms GuideThe Art & Science of Love
A Stepmom’s Guide to Making Your Marriage Last: Part One

As both a mom and a stepmom, I understand how conflict around the stepkids or the ex can erode a long-term, loving relationship. There are times when you’re wondering if all these struggles and challenges are worth it. For Bernard and me, it certainly was. It continues to be so. That’s one reason we keep investing in new ways to strengthen our relationship with each other. Continue reading “A Stepmom’s Guide to Marriage: Inside the October 2018 Issue”

Stepcouple Communication: Inside the April 2018 Issue

Stepcouple CommunicationDo You Copy, Stepmom?
How to Get Your Point Across: The Do’s and Don’ts

When I’m working with couples, it’s not uncommon for each person to try to not only convince their partner why their position is the “right” one but to also try to convince me. There will be a back-and-forth exchange between the couple and then the inevitable look in my direction. Like a referee, they expect me to declare a winner. Continue reading “Stepcouple Communication: Inside the April 2018 Issue”