A Stepmom’s Guide to Marriage: Inside the October 2018 Issue

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A Stepmom’s Guide to Making Your Marriage Last: Part One

As both a mom and a stepmom, I understand how conflict around the stepkids or the ex can erode a long-term, loving relationship. There are times when you’re wondering if all these struggles and challenges are worth it. For Bernard and me, it certainly was. It continues to be so. That’s one reason we keep investing in new ways to strengthen our relationship with each other.

One of the core messages StepMom Magazine and many of its contributing writers send is to prioritize your couple’s relationship. That’s because it’s the foundation for a healthy, happy life together that lasts. I’ve been a long-time admirer of John and Julie Gottman’s work, especially their research into what makes marriages last. We’re talking four decades of digging into the science behind what makes couples stay together and thrive—or grow apart and break up.

What follows is Part One of a three-part series informed by their work. Each one is designed to help you strengthen your couple’s relationship a little bit more (despite any conflict), so that you and your partner can forge a path to lasting love and improved communication:

* Part One: Maintenance
* Part Two: Repair
* Part Three: Trust & Commitment

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