Stepfamily Dynamics for Divorced Dads – In the June 2015 Issue

stepfamily dynamics
Inside the June 2015 Issue

It’s Complicated! A Divorced Dad’s Guide to Understanding Stepfamily Dynamics by Brenda Snyder, LCSW

Women are complicated. We know it. We’re even proud of it. Sometimes we don’t make sense to ourselves—not that we’d ever admit it to you … the men we love.

Your situation, of course, takes the concept of complexity to new heights. Because you have kids (whom you and your current partner didn’t create together), you get to sort through all kinds of extra stuff that takes the term “relationship challenge” to an entirely new level. Continue reading “Stepfamily Dynamics for Divorced Dads – In the June 2015 Issue”

Top 10 Stepmom Issues – Inside the June 2015 Issue

Stepmom Issues
Inside the June 2015 Issue

Can You Help a Girl Out? 10 Things Stepmoms Want Their Partners to Know by Heather Hetchler, MA

Communication breakdowns—not unlike the sudden breakdown of a car while you’re speeding along the highway—can be unnerving. In stepfamilies, they can also lead to critical breaks in the otherwise happy connection you share with your partner.

Sure, we all have days when we don’t quite get what our partners are saying.

Maybe, like auto mechanics rattling off specs, the language they use doesn’t make sense to us. Or, like that radio blaring two cars away, intrusions from the ex make it hard to concentrate on the here and now. Continue reading “Top 10 Stepmom Issues – Inside the June 2015 Issue”

Every Other Weekend Dads – Inside the June 2015 Issue

Every Other Weekend StepMom Magazine
Inside the June 2015 Issue

Every Other Weekend: How Divorced Dads Can Connect With Their Kids—All Week Long! by Claudette Chenevert

Your husband just said goodbye to his kids for the hundredth time this year. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to get any better for him. He’s an amazing dad, but something seems to pull at his heartstrings whenever he hugs his kids goodbye.

As a stepmom, you feel the struggles and challenges related to raising someone else’s children. It’s not easy—and it’s definitely complicated. You probably also view your partner as being very good at parenting. Yet, although he puts on a strong face, he is saddened every time the kids go back to their mom’s. Continue reading “Every Other Weekend Dads – Inside the June 2015 Issue”

Inside the June 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine

June 2015 StepMom Magazine
The June 2015 Issue


The June 2015 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

In honor of Father’s Day, this month’s Special Edition is designed specifically FOR THE MEN in our lives. You’ll find it chock full of articles which you and your partner can read separately–or together!

This edition addresses problems your partner struggles with most often (like feeling stuck in the middle). It also speaks to topics you find challenging (like feeling valued and supported). More than just a helpful resource, it’s a great tool for starting conversations with your mate.

Here’s what you’ll find inside when you subscribe: Continue reading “Inside the June 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine”

10 Secrets Stepmothers Keep

Let’s face it. By definition, stepmother relationships are complicated—not only for the stepmother, but for her partner, too: Never entered lightly, never entered without thought for already present responsibilities, never meeting childhood fairytale hopes of perfect, unencumbered romance. Continue reading “10 Secrets Stepmothers Keep”

6 Things Remarried Dads Owe Their Stepmom Wives

This article by Joel Schwartzberg originally appeared in the Dec. 2009 issue of StepMom Magazine.

When Hollywood superstar Sandra Bullock married TV celebrity Jesse James, she took on the most challenging part of her life – not just his wife, but stepmother to his five-year-old daughter Sunny. Fresh from playing a reluctant romantic partner in The Proposal, Bullock jumped into her reality role with complete commitment, slowing her career, facing down a trouble-prone ex-wife, comforting a stressed-out husband, connecting with James’ two other children, and by her own admission, putting personal motherhood plans on hold for Sunny’s benefit. Continue reading “6 Things Remarried Dads Owe Their Stepmom Wives”

How To Keep The Ex Out Of Your Relationship

Do you spend too much time thinking about your partner’s ex-wife? Watch this video and learn how to focus LESS on her and MORE on your relationship.

Stepmoms: Leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Do you talk so much about the ex it almost feels like she lives with you? Are you ready to set boundaries and try the strategy explained in this video? Continue reading “How To Keep The Ex Out Of Your Relationship”