Every Other Weekend Dads – Inside the June 2015 Issue

Every Other Weekend StepMom Magazine
Inside the June 2015 Issue

Every Other Weekend: How Divorced Dads Can Connect With Their Kids—All Week Long! by Claudette Chenevert

Your husband just said goodbye to his kids for the hundredth time this year. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to get any better for him. He’s an amazing dad, but something seems to pull at his heartstrings whenever he hugs his kids goodbye.

As a stepmom, you feel the struggles and challenges related to raising someone else’s children. It’s not easy—and it’s definitely complicated. You probably also view your partner as being very good at parenting. Yet, although he puts on a strong face, he is saddened every time the kids go back to their mom’s. Continue reading “Every Other Weekend Dads – Inside the June 2015 Issue”

Inside the February 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine

Stepmom Magazine February 2015

The February 2015 issue of StepMom Magazine is HERE!

Love isn’t enough when you’re coupled up with someone who has kids. You need to be on the same page. If you’re not? You need to talk about your differences.

The articles in this month’s issue explore the many facets and faces of love … and stepfamily life. While stepfamily life isn’tfree of drama, addressing those touchy subjects early on does pay off.

Use this issue to facilitate conversations with your partner, because the more you two talk the more you’ll realize there’s not a subpoena, stereotype, or solicitation for increased child support that can sink you when you’re actually in sync!

Here’s what you’ll find inside when you subscribe: Continue reading “Inside the February 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine”