To The Stepmom Who Feels Like She’s Lost Herself

Stepmom Affirmations

How to Find The Woman You Used to Be
By Heather Hetchler, MA
Inside the October 2021 Issue

Halloween is a time when children dress up and go door to door, collecting treats while pretending to be someone else. They may put on masks or makeup and wear costumes which reflect the characters of their choosing. Putting on a persona for just one day and pretending to be another person is intended to be fun for a child.

For a stepmom, however, becoming someone unrecognizable is a slow fade rather than a one-day occurrence—and it’s nothing to celebrate. One of the scariest things a stepmom can navigate, I’d say, is losing herself in the process of trying to build up her stepfamily. If this has been your experience, read on! What follows are five tips for finding the way back to YOU. Continue reading “To The Stepmom Who Feels Like She’s Lost Herself”