Transform Your Stepfamily: Inside the January 2018 Issue

Transform Your StepfamilyTransform Your Stepfamily: 4 Keys to Create Lasting Success and a Life You Love! BY CHRISTINA ROACH, LMHC

Ringing in a New Year, for most, is full of resolutions and commitments to make the next 12 months better than the prior ones. Unfortunately the excitement that surrounds these aspirations quickly fades, as the realities of day-to-day life take hold and the newness wanes.

What if you applied that effort, instead, toward transforming your stepfamily culture?

Would that excite you? I think so! Rather than create resolutions which are short-lived, put your renewed energy into pursuing initiatives for change which truly have the power to transform your stepfamily and impact you for years to come—not just the next 12 months.

I’ve organized the initiatives of this Create-Your-Own Stepfamily Culture technique, which I apply in my counseling and coaching practice, into four key areas:


Each factor is outlined in detail below and will start you on a pathway to creating a culture for your stepfamily that you and your partner have personally designed. As you work your way through the related steps, understand that it will take time for outcomes to develop.

This is a process and, while the journey can be rewarding, you must be realistic. Everything “in step” takes longer—this is simply a byproduct of stepfamily life. And, while you will get frustrated now and then, know that your efforts will have a long-lasting, enduring effect.

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