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A Stepmom’s Guide to Teen Stepkids

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“If you have your own children, you may have already gone through the teenage trials and know that the only reason your kids are still alive is because you have an unshakeable maternal bond with them. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve had your own children or haven’t. The truth is that it’s very difficult to be around tweens and teens—whether you’re related to them or not.” —Mary T. Kelly, MA

Are your stepkids testing you? Lazy? Breaking all the rules? Stepfamily life is full of challenges, but living with kids who are biologically wired to seek independence, question the rules and challenge authority…well, let’s just say we understand why you’re here. If you’re a woman with teenage stepkids, this 41-page StepMom e-book is for you.

Written by a team of stepfamily coaches and licensed therapists (who’ve all survived the teen years) you’ll learn why teenagers do the things they do and how to cope without running away from home!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:



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