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A Stepmom’s Guide to Disengaging


“Disengaging is one of the ways a stepmom can care for herself when she’s feeling angry, resentful or burned out. It’s not about punishing anyone and it’s not about giving up. It’s about taking a step back in order to help restore a healthy balance to the entire stepfamily system.” —Brenda Ockun, Publisher

If you’re feeling tired, unappreciated or ready to quit, this StepMom e-book is for you. It explains what disengaging is (and what it isn’t) and how you can step back without feeling guilty or alienating your partner.

This 30-page guide is a must-read for any stepmom who wants to learn how to lovingly disengage so that she can rest, re-define her role, and find new strength to help herand her stepfamilymove forward.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get: 


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