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A Stepmom’s Guide to Money & Finances

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“Having detailed wills and actively planning the family’s estate decreases the likelihood of legal battles over who gets what and when. One divorced dad I worked with even stipulated, in his will, that if his children—or former spouse—attempted to contest his last wishes, everything would go to the stepmom and they would receive nothing.” —Emily Bouchard, MSSW

Money is important. When you’re part of a stepfamily, it pays to have it all sorted out in advance. Would you be protected if something happened to your partner? Is it best to combine or separate your accounts? Should you include your stepkids as your beneficiaries? Do you really need a will?

Get a grip on your own purse strings with tailored advice in this 33-page e-book. It’s written by a team of therapists, lawyers and finance professionals who understand your needs—because they’re stepmoms too!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get: 

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