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A Stepmoms Guide to Child-Free by Choice


“In comparison to parents, those without children are often characterized as: more selfish, less nurturing, more materialistic and more individualistic. Can I just say right here and now? That’s hooey! A 2002 Dutch study noted that, overall, ‘child-less individuals (offer more) help and care to family members outside the nuclear family.’ In other words, as a collective, our sense of responsibility tends to extend outside ourselves. Finally, the research is catching on: The child-free are not selfish kid-haters.” —Christine G. Adamo

So you decided you didn’t want kids, then you fell in love with someone who has kids, and now you’re a stepmom. Welcome to the club! We face a different set of challenges that many of our mom friends don’t understand. If you’re a stepmom who’s child-free by choice, this 36-page e-book is for you.

Written by our team of licensed therapists and veteran stepmoms you’ll learn: why not having kids makes you special, there’s more than one way to define family, and being a mother is not a prerequisite for stepmoms.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:


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