Stepmom Support Groups: Inside the August 2018 Issue

Stepmom Support GroupsStepmom Support Groups
Take What You Like and Leave the Rest

Do you long for connection with other like-minded stepmoms who get where you’re coming from? Human nature drives us to want to connect with others on a deeper level to feel understood. Yet, in many cases, those who have walked the walk and been stepmoms themselves are the only ones who truly understand our day-to-day challenges.

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about finding your community (or tribe) online. With the emergence of Facebook and Meetup groups, people have lots of opportunities to connect online based on common beliefs, interests and goals. Many such groups have sprung up over the years; ones which are even centered on creating a sense of community for stepmoms.

As I began my own stepmom journey, I didn’t seek support or community through online groups for stepmoms. I’d already found my tribe: spiritually-minded women committed to personal growth and development. As an introvert, it never occurred to me to seek out other stepmoms. I didn’t really notice them, until I started sharing my work on personal development for stepmoms.

It was then that I realized my problems weren’t unique at all, though the solutions I implemented perhaps were. …To read the rest of this article, log in and download the August 2018 issue. Don’t have an account? Click here to subscribe.


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