Stepmom Summit – Videos from The Steve Harvey Show

Stepmom Summit
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On Thurs., Jan. 21, 2016, StepMom Magazine Founder and Publisher Brenda Ockun was on TV, representing stepmoms worldwide, as a special guest of the “Steve Harvey” daytime TV talk show.

Brenda was asked to appear on Steve’s first-ever, televised Stepmom Summit, as the resident subject-matter expert. On that panel were two celebrity stepmoms—Steve’s wife, Marjorie, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, a former member of the R&B group Xscape and wife of rapper T.I.

“Being on ‘Steve Harvey’ was a great experience,” says Brenda. “I had fun working with the show’s producers (and makeup artist!) and answering questions from stepmom audience members, who wanted to know how to cope with: being called Evil, setting boundaries, enforcing rules and dealing with a disgruntled ex.”

A few of her comments wound up on the editing floor, but she’s content.

“There’s so much to say about stepfamily life, but so little time on a show like this. Stepfamily issues are something the media shies away from, so I was thrilled that Steve and his team dedicated a good chunk of this episode to just that.

“They also presented stepmoms in a fair and favorable light. So, I’m hopeful that this opens the door to future oppor-tunities for stepfamily discussions. It’d be great if more talk shows would follow Steve’s lead.”

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  1. my mother-in-law told me to watch this and i thought it was very helpful. i have a 15 year old from a previous relationship ,her father is no longer involved in her life and she had a really bad experience with her stepmom. and my husband has a 12 year old from his previous relationship. this is the first marriage for the both of us. My stepdaughters mother is always talking negatively about me and my husband and telling my stepdaughter that we dont want her at the house or that she is the fathers blood child and just making my stepdaughter feel guilty or that her father doesn’t want her. And the thing is my stepdaughter has a really great time when she comes over and she has always been polite to me,her and my daughter gets along really well, but when my stepdaughter is at her mothers house her tone changes and she acts differently as if she is betraying her mother. also her mom makes it difficult for us to see her. this puts a little bit of strain in our marriage but i try my best to just stay calm and support him. He is afraid to go get visitation because he doesnt want to put his daughter through that. I use my relationship with my stepmom as an example to both of our children that stepparents are not bad. my stepmother and i are very close as a matter of fact my mom and my step mother talk all the time. but i have now subscribed to this mag and i see the January issue has advice for stepdads also and thats a plus, thank you.

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