A Stepfamily Wedding – State Farm’s Newest Ad Campaign

Stepfamily Ad State Farm
State Farm ad targets remarried couples: “Sometimes at last doesn’t happen at first.”

Remarriage is on the rise and State Farm knows it. The insurance conglomerate released a commercial last month featuring a mom of one and a dad of two exchanging vows as their children cautiously look on.

If statistics are any indication, the ad will resonate with a large percentate of the U.S. population. According to recent surveys, the Pew Research Center reports: “Four in ten new marriages include at least one partner who has been married before and the number of adults who have ever remarried now stands at 42 million–a threefold increase since 1960.”

The ad follows Honey Maid’s recent ad campaign which also targets step and blended families.

As the popular song “At Last” by Etta James plays in the background, the commercial’s narrator announces what remarried couples already know: “Sometimes at last doesn’t happen at first.” With that one, simple declaration, anyone who has taken a mulligan in married life knows that State Farm understands and (more importantly) embraces them. And, in a world where words like divorce, stepmom and stepfamily, still carry a stigma? State Farm is bound to gain fans with this progressive and inclusive marketing approach.

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6 thoughts on “A Stepfamily Wedding – State Farm’s Newest Ad Campaign”

  1. What I don’t get is why they paired two people who would NOT be together in reality. Looks like they would have cast a slim woman, especially paired with that guy.

  2. This was wonderful! If you didn’t know it was a State Farm Commercial, You would really think they were getting married, I loved it! To the grandparents to the children, it was great. I really thought State Farm was filming a real wedding at first glance.

  3. I am SOOOOO sick of this commercial! EVERYONE i speak with are sick of it as well. We USED to love this song by Etta, but now…we change the channel as soon as it starts! State farm is RUINING Ettas famous song by wearinf it out!!!! Enough already!!!

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