Amy Robach: Stepmom Life and Becoming “Better Together”

There are some women who do it all. Amy Robach is one of them.

She’s an Emmy Award-winning journalist whom you might recognize as a member of the ABC News team. Amy is currently Co-Anchor of “20/20” and serves as a recurring Anchor on “Good Morning America.”

She’s also a “New York Times” best-selling author of Better which captures her personal journey with finding out about and, being treated for breast cancer.

Amy’s married to another Emmy-Award winner, Actor Andrew Shue, who’s known for his role as Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place.” Together they’ve written a recently-released children’s picture book that helps little ones make sense of what comes with remarriage and merging families.

Better Together traces the coming together of The McMunk Family of energetic chipmunks (a father with 3 boys) and The Squirrelly Family of adventurous nut gatherers (a mom with 2 girls). As the 7 of them come together, they learn that it’s: “LOVE—not blood—that makes a family.”

StepMom Magazine publisher, Brenda Ockun, sat down with Amy to learn more about her thoughts on writing a children’s book, blending, and what becoming better together really means.





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