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A Stepmom’s Guide to Full-Time Stepmothering


“Many think full-time stepmoms have it easier. We don’t. We have it different.” —Heather Hetchler, MA

Being a full-time stepmom makes the job of stepmothering that much more challenging. Burnout is common. If Mom’s not around, you may feel pressured to juggle homework and House Rules. You may find yourself dealing with a grieving child. You may even wonder what’ll happen if Mom ever decides to re-enter their lives, tugging at the ties that bind.

This 51-page StepMom e-book was designed exclusively with you in mind. Written by licensed therapists and in-the-trenches stepmoms, you’ll learn to protect your heart and control the chaos, so that you—and your stepkids—can thrive.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get: 


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