Stepmom Tip – Co-Parenting With The Ex

Stepmom Co-Parenting

Stepmom Tip: Co-Parenting With The Ex
Co-parenting with the ex is a team sport. It takes two. You can’t do it alone. If the ex isn’t willing to co-parent, parallel parenting is your best option. It’s better for kids to have two sets of rules rather than be exposed to constant conflict.

Stepmom Tip – Stepmom Struggles


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Stepmom Tip:  Stepmom Struggles
You can be unhappy with a situation and still be committed to your stepfamily. Keep your problems in perspective and remember that struggles are simply that–struggles. Keep going. You’ve got this!

Children’s Bill of Rights – StepMom Magazine

childrens bill of rightsChildren’s Bill of Rights – A Reminder on How to Keep Kids Out of the Middle by Lara R. Badain, ESQ.

Marriage is a contract between adults. When marriage ends, the divorce or separation should also be between the adults. However, the decision to end a marriage can, and usually does, have a significant and long-lasting impact upon the children. Parents have a responsibility to conduct the divorce proceedings in a manner that protects their children as much as possible from their conflict. Hopefully, doing so will help reduce the potential long-term emotional and psychological impacts of divorce. Continue reading “Children’s Bill of Rights – StepMom Magazine”