Inside the September 2018 Issue

StepMom September 2018The September 2018 issue is HERE!
* Back-to-School
* Full-time Stepmoms
* Detaching & Disengaging
* Parent-Teacher Conferences
* A Historical Look at Stepfamily Life
* Emotional Intelligence for Stepmoms
* What Veteran Stepmoms Wish They’d Known
* When the Kids Disrespect Dad
→ And much more!

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Full-Time Stepmoms: Inside the September 2018 Issue

Full Time Stepmom SurveyWhat Full-Time Stepmoms Really Think
Results of Our Exclusive Survey

I sat inside Panera Bread early one morning, glancing at my laptop. The room was chilly. Outside it was damp and rainy. I felt as though I couldn’t drink my piping hot coffee quickly enough to wake my body and my brain. As I tried to focus on the task at hand, I noticed a woman sitting in a booth near mine. She looked young—maybe 30. Continue reading “Full-Time Stepmoms: Inside the September 2018 Issue”