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Stepfamily Information Blended FamiliesBlended Families
Learn why stepfamily therapists and The National Stepfamily Resource Center prefer the term stepfamily over blended family.


Co-Parenting Stepfamily InformationCo-Parenting
Is co-parenting after a divorce really possible? Here’s what all divorced moms, dads and their stepparent partners need to know.

Stepfamily Information - StatisticsStepfamily Statistics
Couples who educate themselves about stepfamily dynamics can increase their chances of beating the odds. We can help you become one of those couples.

Stepfamily Information and adviceStepmom Advice
If you want to feel good about your role as a stepmom, you need to know the facts. Here are 5 common myths about being a stepmom — and ample reason to ignore each one!

Stepfamily Information - StereotypesStepmother Stereotypes
Books, movies, and even our own hangups about the word stepmom continue to perpetuate stereotypes about stepmothers. Learn what small steps might help change society’s perceptions.

Stepparenting Tips
Looking for tips on how to deal with your partner’s children? StepMom Magazine can help. Learn what every stepmom and stepdad need to know.

Stepchildren Mom Does It This Way

Your Stepchildren
Do your stepkids like you? Being nice isn’t always enough. Studying stepfamily dynamics can help you better understand and bond with your stepchildren.