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March 2013 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Daddy Guilt. Permissive Parenting. Custodial Stepmoms. The Ex-wife. Bonding. Emotional Intelligence. Communication Tips. Estate Planning. Wills. Bonding with Stepchildren. Restraining Orders. Positive Affirmations. Grief. Widowers.

The Stepmom’s Tool Kit: Essential Tools for Integrating and Bonding With Your Stepchildren
By Dianne Martin, B.S.W.
Knowledge, information and techniques to guide stepmoms as they form emotional ties with their stepchildren.

Guilty Dad Syndrome: Toys, Presents and Fun. Oh, My!
By Diane Greene
How to avoid parenting out of guilt and instead parent from a place of strength and wisdom.

I Love … Myself! 31 Days of Positive Affirmations
By Heather Hetchler
Your challenge for the month of March: Get rid of that negative self-talk!

A Journey of Healing: Finding the Way Back From Grief to Happiness
By Nancy Dombek
Can a widow and a widower find love again with each other?

Emotional Intelligence and the Stepmom: Recognizing Patterns
By Joan Sarin, M.S.
An ongoing series that examines the fundamental EQ competencies of knowing yourself, choosing your response and giving of yourself.

BRENDA’S CORNER: Letter from The Publisher

URBAN STEPMOM: Obsessed With the Ex?
Focus on Shoes Instead!
By Lisa Bagshaw

STEPMOM MEMOIRS: 6-Year-old Soccer
In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?
By Stacy Spencer Thompson

LEGAL MATTERS: Your Legal Questions Answered
The Pros and Cons of Pressing Charges
By Lara R. Badain, ESQ.

VANTAGE POINT: The Motherless Child
What Full-Time Stepmothers Need to Know When Mom is Gone
By Laura Petherbridge

COUPLES CORNER: Couples Communication
A Stepmom’s Guide to Talking About Touchy Subjects
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.

LIFE WITH LISA: Stepmom: What’s in a Name?
By Lisa Bradshaw

ON THE MONEY: Financial and Estate Planning for Stepfamilies
Overcome Your Money Fears to Get Your Will in Order
By Emily Bouchard, MSSW

FOOD AND FUN: Craft: Leather Electronic Device Sleeves
Jazz Up Your Smartphones!
By Ashley Grant

STYLISH STEPMOM: Get Packing: It’s Spring Break!
By Heidi Ducato

OUTLOOK: Stepmom Profile
Real Stories from Real Stepmoms