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Feb. 2013 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Disengaging. Stepmoms-to-be. Outsider Syndrome. Childless Stepmoms. Role Ambiguity. Depression. Same-sex Stepcouples. Relationships.


Wicked: How Society, Disney and Even Our Own Hang-ups About the Word Stepmom Create Problems
By Brenda Snyder, LCSW
Attempting to claim the stepmother role for whom there is no positive role model.

Today’s Modern Stepfamily
By Heidi Williams
An interview with Elizabeth Moran and Jen Stevenson, a same-sex stepcouple.

Are We Ready? The Stepfamily Pre-Marriage Quiz
By Laura Petherbridge
Questions designed to help you determine if there are any areas of concern in your relationship.

Childless Stepmoms: On the Outside, Looking In
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
Solutions to help overcome the lonely feelings that stepmothers often experience.

Stepmoms and Depression: Understanding the Source, the Symptoms and the Solution
By Susan Davis Swanson, Ph.D., LCSW
Adjusting to the realities of stepfamily life can cause major stress, anxiety and depression.

Emotional Intelligence and the Stepmom: Emotional Literacy and Kids
By Joan Sarin, M.S.
An ongoing series that examines fundamental EQ competencies.

BRENDA’S CORNER: Letter From the Publisher

URBAN STEPMOM: Making Time for Romance
February is the Month to Remember and Rekindle the Love That Brought You Together!
By Lisa Bagshaw

STEPMOM MEMOIRS: On February: A Month to Celebrate Love
By Stacy Spencer Thompson

STEPFAMILY LIFE: The Color of Love
Helping Kids Understand There’s Enough Love to Go Around
By Dianne Martin, BSW, RSW

LEGAL MATTERS: Headed to Court? Here are Some Important Points to Consider
By Lara R. Badain, Esq.

HIS, MINE & OURS: Letting Go and Moving Forward
By Lisa Bradshaw

COUPLES CORNER: Letting Go As An Act of Love
How Holding on to Negativity Can Hurt You and Your Partner
By Heather Hetchler

ON THE MONEY: Love and Money
Strengthen Your Relationship and Your Finances- at the Same Time!
By Emily Bouchard, MSSW

INSIDE SCOOP: The Myth of The Perfect Stepparent
How Resilience Can Help You Thrive
By Gayla Grace

FOOD AND FUN: Chocolate Truffles & Valentine Heart “Mail Boxes”
By Ashley Grant

STYLISH STEPMOM: Love Your Heart! February is Heart Awareness Month
By Heidi Ducato

OUTLOOK: Celebrating YOUR Love