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April 2013 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Ex-wife. Child Protective Services. Expecting Stepmoms. Child-free Stepmoms. Anxiety. Divorce.


Say What? Stepmom Comebacks: What to Say When the Unthinkable is Said to You
By Heather Hetchler

Suggested language that you can use, customize and share with others when something jaw-dropping is said to you.

Are You an Evil Stepmother? Of Course Not! (But Maybe It’s Time for a Little Self-Reflection)
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
You can’t control all the other people in your life, but you can control yourself. A little bit of self-examination can go a long way.

And Baby Makes…What to Expect When a Stepmom is Expecting
By Brenda Snyder, LCSW
A few things to remember if you’re a stepmom who is expecting a baby.

Stepmoms and Anxiety: Understanding the Signs, the Sources and the Solutions
By Susan Davis Swanson, Ph.D., LCSW

Tools to help reduce anxiety and quiet your mind.

Emotional Intelligence and the Stepmom: Intrinsic Motivation
By Joan Sarin, M.S.
Part four of an ongoing series that examines the fundamental EQ competencies of knowing yourself, choosing your responses and giving of yourself.

BRENDA’S CORNER: Letter From The Publisher

URBAN STEPMOM: Tame Your Inner Child and Overcome Your Fears
I CAN handle this. I WILL figure this out. I AM smart and capable.
By Lisa Bagshaw

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Moms and Stepmoms
Can’t We All Just Get Along?
By Stacy Spencer Thompson

LEGAL MATTERS: Child Protective Services
What to Do if You’re Falsely Accused
By Lara R. Badain, ESQ.

THE EX FACTOR: Venom From the Ex-Wife?
She Doesn’t Hate You. She Hates What You Represent.
By Jenna Korf

All Relationships Are Not Created Equal
By Diane Greene

STEPPING STONES: An Instant Family
From Simply Single to Suddenly Stepmom
By Christina McGhee

SPECIAL REPORT: The Gray Divorce
What is Happening?
By Laura Petherbridge

LIFE WITH LISA: Anniversary of Lessons
The Power of Love Never Dies
By Lisa Bradshaw

ON THE MONEY: Tax Time for Stepfamilies
Information for Last-Minute Filers
By Emily Bouchard, MSSW

RECIPE: Garlic Fries
CRAFT: Monster Doll
By Ashley Grant

STYLISH STEPMOM: April Showers of Sandals
Spring has sprung!
By Heidi Ducato

OUTLOOK: Stepmom Profiles
Real Stories from Real Stepmoms