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Nov. 2012 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Holiday Advice. Ex-wife. Self-Care. Managing Expectations. Yoga. Parental Alienation.

Holiday Survival Guide for Stepmothers
By Brenda Snyder, LCSW
The holidays can be a stressful time for stepmoms. Here’s a survival guide to help you avoid disappointment and enjoy the season!

Good Grief. The Holidays are Coming
By Heather Hetchler
Charlie Brown and the “Peanuts” gang can teach stepfamilies a thing or two about being flexible around the holidays.

Giving and Forgiveness: One Stepmom’s Gift of Peace to her Dying Husband
By Joan Sarin, M.S.
The story of one stepfamily’s journey as they faced the father’s end of life and the stepmom’s instrumental role in healing the whole family.

She Likes Me. She Likes Me Not.
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
Mary T. Kelly explains why it’s important to be civil but why you don’t have to be best buddies with your partner’s ex.

Brenda’s Corner
Letter from the publisher.

Urban Stepmom
Lisa Bagshaw on discovering your inner goddess.

Vantage Point
Stacy Spencer Thompson explains what stepfamilies, senators and society have in common.

Advice from the Experts
Our stepmom panel offers suggestions for finding a good therapist.

Legal Matters
Lara Badain, Esq., explains parental alienation.

Life on the Tipping Point
Ms. Taken on the not-so-instant love that comes with stepmothering.

Life with Lisa
In a new StepMom column, Lisa Bradshaw reflects on her fourth Thanksgiving as a stepmom.

The Inside Scoop
Emily Bouchard, MSSW, on what to do when you’re not feeling very thankful.

Stepfamily Life
Laura Petherbridge on toning down expectations this holiday season.

Fitness Zone
Valerie Waldron Hedlund gives us tips on avoiding holiday weight gain.

Time Out
Peggy Nolan, MA, RYT, explains why it’s the perfect time of year to start practicing yoga.

Stylish Stepmom
Heidi Ducato shares holiday makeup trends.


Words of Wisdom