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May 2012 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Mother’s Day. Role Ambiguity. Sex. Putting The Marriage First. Self-Care. Ex-wife.

What Kind of Stepmother are You?
By Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.
There is not a single way to be a stepmother. Nor, it turns out, is there a “right” one.

The Blessing of Stepmom
By Heather Hetchler
A poem to celebrate the blessing that a stepmom is to her family and the world around her.

Let’s Talk About Sex … and Stepcouples!
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
Making time for intimacy is especially important in a stepfamily system. Don’t let your relationship get overshadowed by the needs and demands of all the kids, exes, finances and work.

Changes Ahead: Flexibility in Stepfamily Life is the Key to Success
By Susan Wisdom, M.A.
Whether you’re new to stepcoupling and stepparenting or have been working at it for years, you’re likely to know that it’s nothing if not a rollercoaster ride.

Shared Values: Simple Steps to Help You Find Common Ground to Bring Your Family Closer
By Emily Bouchard
Establishing values together will provide you with a firm family foundation.

Brenda’s Corner
Letter from the publisher.

Readers respond to last month’s issue.

Urban Stepmom
Lisa Bagshaw wants you to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. yourself!

The Ex Factor
Jenna Korf on knowing when it’s time to give up on getting along with a high-conflict ex.

Legal Matters
Lara Badain, Esq., provides the definition of an “unfit” parent.

Life on the Tipping Point
Ms. Taken explains why it’s better when kids don’t have to try so hard.

The Inside Scoop
Laura Petherbridge shares why outsider opinions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Fitness Zone
Valerie Waldron Hedlund declares May Healthy Stepmom Month!

Advice from the Experts
Our panel of stepmom experts answer your questions.

From the Kitchen
Elizabeth Guerra’s recipes to relish.

Stylish Stepmom
Heidi Ducato on confidence-boosting colors.

Crafts with Your Stepkids
Wendy L. Deppe with steps for homemade bath bombs.

My Journal

Words of Wisdom