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March 2012 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Wednesday Martin Interview. Stepcouple Advantages. Stepfamily Bonding. Relocation. Outsider Syndrome. Estate Planning. Permissive Parenting. Disney Dads. Stepmom – Stepdaughter Success Story. 


An Interview with Stepmonster’s Author, Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.
Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. tells us about her book and her own experience as a stepmom.

Climbing the Steps: Conversations with My Stepson About Life, Love and Loss
By Giselle Minoli
A stepmom reflects on a weekend in New York City with her stepson.

A Therapist’s Thoughts on Stepcouples and the Advantages They Have Over First Couples!
By Mary T. Kelly
Despite the messiness and complications of the problems they bring in, Mary T. Kelly finds something wonderful and refreshing about the stepcouples she works with.

Stepping on that Stepmonster
By Laura Petherbridge
How to handle it when the stepfamily monster rears his head.

Brenda’s Corner
Letter from the publisher

Readers respond to the February issue.

Urban Stepmom
Lisa Bagshaw explains “Puppy” Love.

Couples Corner
Emily Bouchard, MSSW, with what to do when you can’t agree with your partner.

Legal Matters
Lara Badain, Esq., answers your legal questions about relocation.

Events, Resources and Community.

Advice from the Experts
Our panel of stepmom experts answer your questions.

Susan Wisdom, M.A., on how to rid yourself of distracters and distancers.

Time Out
Valerie Waldron Hedlund on how to spend less time exercising. Really!

From the Kitchen
Reader’s recipes for Maryland Crap Soup and Ratatouille for the Modern Peasant.

Stylish Stepmom
Heidi Ducato helps you break out of that winter funk.

Crafts with Your Stepkids
Wendy L. Deppe with wearable and edible St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

My Journal

Words of Wisdom