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Jan. 2012 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Managing Expectations. Ex-wife. Child Support. A Mom-Stepmom Success Story. New Year Self-care. Men in Stepcouples. The Right to be Happy. Stepparenting Tips.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Pull the Plug on Perfect
By Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.
Pave the way for moving forward in 2012 by putting an end to your fixation on happy endings and your conviction that you can somehow magically bring one about.

The Pain and the Power of Men
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
How men struggle, and thrive, in stepfamilies.

What Did You Call Me?!
By Peggy Nolan, MA, RYT
Has your husband ever called you by his ex-wife’s name? It’s not so much that it happens but how we deal with it when it happens.

Happiness: Is it Our Right or Our Responsibility?
By Heather Hetchler
Take the responsibility for your happiness out of the hands of your partners and stepkids.

Brenda’s Corner
Letter from the publisher

Readers respond to the December issue and share their New Year’s resolutions.

Urban Stepmom
Lisa Bagshaw with some January rejuvenation for stepmoms.

Time Out
Valerie Waldron Hedlund makes fitness a new year priority.

Legal Matters
Lara Badain, Esq. on child support and health insurance.

Events, Resources and Community

Jenna Korf with a mom/stepmom success story.

Stepfamily Life
Emily Bouchard, MSSW, with advice for when stepparents don’t understand their stepkids.

 Couples Corner
A cautionary tale from Susan Wisdom, M.A.

From the Kitchen
Elizabeth Guerra’s recipes to relish.

Stylish Stepmom
Heidi Ducato with a style personality quiz.

Crafts with Your Stepkids
Wendy L. Deppe keeps us warm.

 My Journal

Words of Wisdom