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April 2012 Issue


Popular topics included in this issue:
Disengaging. Permissive Parenting. Disney Dads. Couples Communication. Childless. Child-free. Love. Estate Planning. Wills. Relocation. Second Marriages. Self-care. Expecting Stepmoms.

Disengaging: What, When and Why?
By Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.
How, when and why should you disagree? What does it mean? Here are the basics that can change your whole approach to being a woman partnered to a man with kids.

Teaching Young Adults to Choose Wisely: Imparting Vision and Goal-Setting Directives
By Michelle Howe
Help your kids develop strong decision-making skills to better equip them while inspiring them to dream big.

Managing Risk in Second Marriages: Don’t Make Your Partnership a Game of Chance
By Peggy Nolan, MA, RYT
In order to deal with the risks and challenges that are inherent in second marriages, it makes sense to create a common framework to manage the “business side” of your marriage.

How to Tell Your Spouse His Kids are Screwed Up and His Parenting Sucks!
By Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
How to express what you are feeling about your partner’s permissive parenting, while avoiding the finger-pointing, blame and accusations that have the potential to shut your partner down.

Brenda’s Corner
Letter from the publisher.

Readers respond to previous issues.

Urban Stepmom
Lisa Bagshaw embraces her childless stepmom status.

Couples Corner
Heather Hetchler explains why it’s important to show love to your partner, even when you are in different emotional places.

Legal Matters
Lara Badain, Esq., answers your legal questions about life insurance and relocation.

Events, Resources and Community.

Life on the Tipping Point
Ms. Taken on handling the ups and downs of stepmotherhood.

Fitness Zone
Valerie Waldron Hedlund with breathing tips to reduce stress.

Stepfamily Life
Emily Bouchard with three steps to get you started on facing a difficult decision together.

Advice from the Experts
Our panel of stepmom experts answer your questions.

From the Kitchen
Elizabeth Guerra’s recipes to relish.

Stylish Stepmom
Heidi Ducato shares spring color trends.

Crafts with Your Stepkids
Wendy L. Deppe with an Earth Day/Easter craft.

My Journal

Words of Wisdom