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Inside the September 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine

StepMom Magazine September 2015
The September 2015 Issue

The September 2015 issue of StepMom Magazine is here!

Becoming a stepmom is like taking a crash course in subjects women never dream of studying: “How to Deal With an Angry Ex” and “Child Support 101” aren’t offered, as requirements or electives, in high school or university course catalogues. And yet? Millions of women find themselves tested every single day.

It’s like a taking a pop quiz you never studied for. Your patience is tested. Your ability to withstand character attacks is tested. Your stamina, your self-confidence, your relationship with your partner … they’re all repeatedly tested, too.

The good news is? You can ace these tests! We’re here to guide you through it. Every step of the way! Here’s what you’ll find inside when you subscribe: Continue reading “Inside the September 2015 Issue of StepMom Magazine”

Why Stepdads Have It Easier – Inside the September 2015 Issue

Stepparenting Together
Inside the Sept. 2015 Issue

Stepparenting Together? How Stepmoms’ and Stepdads’ Experiences Differ by Trisha Ladogna

Have you ever wondered if stepdads have it easier?

Becoming a stepmother after spending time as a single parent means parenting like you have never experienced it before. You have the unique experience of beginning your stepparenting journey at the very same time, in the very same place, as your partner.

While this can open up some fantastic opportunities for shared understanding, insight and support (in your couple relationship), it also brings with it a unique set of challenges found only when there are two stepparents residing in the same home. Continue reading “Why Stepdads Have It Easier – Inside the September 2015 Issue”

Tired of Being a Stepmom – Inside the September 2015 Issue

Tired Stepmom
Inside the Sept. 2015 Issue

Tired of Being a Stepmom? Science Says Taking the High Road Isn’t Easy by Christina Roach, LMHC, NCC, DCC

We all know being a stepmom can be a tiresome business— with some days feeling  more draining than others. Countless scenarios are primed to put us in positions where we can choose to either take the high road or succumb to exposing our uncensored thoughts.

Whether it’s par for the course of the role we’re in or not, many stepmoms are  faced with predicaments in which they feel a need to wield restraint over their impulses. Maybe you’ve crafted Pollyanna-type responses to yourself about false allegations made by the ex, your stepchildren’s selective hearing or (what you perceive to be) your partner’s misguided parenting style. Continue reading “Tired of Being a Stepmom – Inside the September 2015 Issue”

Stepmom Strategies – Get Him to Listen – In the Sept. 2015 Issue

Stepmom Strategies
Inside the Sept. 2015 Issue

Getting Your Partner to Listen – Stepmom Strategies: Stop Harping and Be Heard by Mary T. Kelly, MA

⊲ “We need to talk.”

⊲ “You need to tell your kid to clean his room.”

⊲ “I need you to set your ex straight on our boundaries.”

⊲ “You need to start disciplining your kids or I’ll do it for you.”

Do you recognize yourself in any of those statements? In truth, that list could go on and on. I’ll bet you’ve started multiple conversations with your partner by saying, “You need to …,” I want you to …,” or some variation of that. Continue reading “Stepmom Strategies – Get Him to Listen – In the Sept. 2015 Issue”

Adult Stepchildren – Inside the September 2015 Issue

Adult Stepkids
Inside the Sept. 2015 Issue

All Grown Up: When Life Hands You Adult Stepkids
by Brenda Snyder, LCSW

It is a well-known fact that people are living longer and that the aging and elderly population is a growing one. This affects many aspects of society, including the growing number of stepfamilies that form later in life and are, thus, comprised of older adults with adult stepchildren.

Stepfamily literature and research tends to focus on families with young or school-age children, where everyday parenting tasks are the norm. Even informal conversations about impending marriages dismiss the unique challenges of taking on adult stepchildren, with everyone expressing gratitude that the “problems” wrought by younger stepchildren have been avoided. Continue reading “Adult Stepchildren – Inside the September 2015 Issue”