A Letter from Annette

Stepmom Testimonial Letter“I’m going to be completely honest. When I learned the magazine was $5.00 a month I thought you were totally crazy! I pay less than that for an issue of Cosmo or Glamour and it comes with nice shiny pages, perfume samples, and ads of supermodels in clothes I will never wear. But I figured, what the heck? I have nothing to lose and if it isn’t worth it I will just cancel and I’m only out $5.00.

So I broke down and subscribed.

Reading StepMom Magazine? This is the sanest I’ve felt since I met my husband. We have spent hours in therapy trying to figure out how to make things work and I really wanted to give up. It would be really sad to end our relationship as a result of the stress and problems his family and ex-wife create.

I don’t know any other stepmoms and as much as my friends and family wanted to understand how I felt and give me advice, they just didn’t know how. This magazine has, by far, exceeded my expectations of anything I had hoped to find. (I just wish I had found you sooner!)  Keep up the great work and know you really are helping people and saving marriages.”

– Annette

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