Stepmoms and Mother’s Day – Inside the May 2016 Issue

Stepmoms and Mother's Day
Inside the May 2016 Issue

Stepmoms and Mother’s Day: 7 Reasons Stepkids Snub Us on the Mother of All Holidays by Trisha Ladogna, GDP

One of the most difficult aspects of Mother’s Day, for a stepmother, can be trying to understand why our stepchildren (particularly those we have good relationships with) don’t recognize us on Mother’s Day.

Being ignored by your stepchildren on Mother’s Day—well, it just sucks, especially if you have been in their lives for a long period of time and do lots of mothering stuff for and with them: the supporting, encouraging, packing of lunches and running to band practice-type stuff that goes unappreciated and unacknowledged for hardworking stepmoms everywhere.

Putting yourself in your stepchild’s shoes can help you grasp that their responses toward you on Mother’s Day may have less to do with you (as a person or as a stepmom) and a whole lot more to do with their own feelings and struggles. Understanding the stepchild’s perspective may take some of the sting and hurt out of not being recognized in the way you had hoped or anticipated.

What follows are seven reasons stepkids routinely snub us on the mother of all holidays. …To read the rest of this article log in to your account and download the May 2016 issue. Don’t have an account? Click here to subscribe.


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