The Introverted Stepmom – Inside the August 2015 Issue

Introverted Stepmom Magazine
Inside the August 2015 Issue

The Introverted Stepmom: Strategies for Living in a Family of Extroverts by Jenna Korf

Many stepmoms struggle to fit in and find peace within their families. It’s not because they don’t get along with their stepchildren but because they are introverts in a family of extroverts. Introverts and extroverts often have conflicting ways of being in the world.

According to “Psychology Today,” introversion is a personality trait attributed to someone whose energy is drained by social interactions; they give their energy away when interacting with others. Therefore, they need recovery time. This usually means solitude—time in which to recharge and refill their energy tank.

Conversely, extroverts gain energy when they spend time with others and feel energized after spending an evening socializing.

Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” addresses the misconception that introverts are shy by noting: “Shyness is the fear of social disapproval or humiliation, while introversion is a preference for environments that are not over-stimulating. Shyness is inherently painful; introversion is not.”

“Introverts may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings,” she adds, “but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues and family. They listen more than they talk, think before they speak and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation. They tend to dislike conflict. Many have a horror of small talk but enjoy deep discussions.” …To read the rest of this article, log in to your account and download the August 2015 issue. Don’t have an account? Click here to subscribe.


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